Cesare Barro a multifaceted Venetian artist who lives and works in Italy and in the United States- has expressed his creativity in many fields as an interior decorator, as a jewelery designer as an event planner , and as an highly regarded sculptor . In a world obssesed by technology Cesare Barro has made it his mission to immortalise and to bring back ancient lost traditions His love and fascination for the Ellenic culture, is so great that he mooved to Greece and lived there from 1980 to 1994. During this period he contributed to the rebirth of a village on the island of Tinos, which to this day is a place of incomparable and unforgettable beauty. The 13 years in Greece have forever inspired his life and molded his creativity, the influence of the ellenic traditions and philosophy his profound belief in their significance can be seen and felt in all his creations,: his sculptures, his jewelery his interior design. [ READ MORE ]